Zilungile and Connor manning the FunDza stand

On the 25th and 26th of March 2019 the WCED held a conference discussing the future of education in South Africa. FunDza was invited to attend the convention at the Cape Town International Convention Center as exhibitors and we left feeling inspired! There were numerous amounts of inspirational speakers sharing  their knowledge and tricks of the trade where education and technology are concerned. Being in such a space gave us hope that our education system will thrive.  During the break-away sessions  inbetween the different workshops and talks we would be situated in an open-market styled set-up where we had our own table where we could speak to attendees about our brand.

The place was packed,not just by visitors but by organisations with similar views to our own who are using technology to tackle the challenge of education and access to knowledge that plagues our country. The goals the different organisations have along with their amazing ideas left us in awe. When they would approach our table they left with that same sense of amazement. Education for the future definitely is electronic learning and indeed digital in all respects! But are we ready? That concern was among the main questions being asked and addressed in the different break-away sessions.

The space was carefully curated to allow for networking, display and partnership building. What we found  fascinating was the fact that almost every organisation working in the literacy space is thinking digital and coming up with new and exciting ways of creating virtual classrooms that will be well equipped to host e-learning in its entirety. The future is robotics and virtual tutors, to apps designed to build other apps, audio books, and of course our pocket library. The space was teaming with cutting- edge technology designed to be the game changer for new age education.

After all was said and done, we packed up our things, kept hold of all the contacts we made, and looked forward to the implementation of an improved education system. We need to brace ourselves for the change that is coming because it’s going to be an historical one – technically speaking.