Our Books

FunDza is no longer supplying groups with print books. It has donated its stock of exciting, locally-created books, pocket booklets and funzines to Biblionef – an NGO that has been supporting schools and libraries with books and reading resources for more than 20 years.

Biblionef has donated more than 1-million books to groups around the country. Find out more about this exciting partnership here.

Fortunately, this partnership means that groups can now apply directly to Biblionef to receive donated copies of FunDza’s books.

Here are the types of books that FunDza has produced in the past. All books below are available through Biblionef.

Apply to become part of Biblionef’s programme here.


The ‘funzine’ is a fun-filled innovative publication that is a mix between a book and a magazine. It is visually appealing with attractive design elements and illustrations. The publication includes a range of reading material (short stories, blogs, essays, plays, poems), activities for groups and individuals (debates, role-play exercises, discussions, writing activities, art activities, etc), as well as session plans for formal reading groups. (See the last two pages where a facilitator can find the session plans for 12 reading group sessions.)


FunDza has created a range of anthologies using content from its fundza.mobi platform. Some anthologies contain only short stories (the Bigs Ups and It Takes Two publications), or are arranged around a theme (e.g. Hero Within), while others (the hashtag series) contain a mix of genres. The anthologies include some activities, such as discussions or writing activities.

Pocket Booklets

FunDza’s pocket booklets are a response to the high cost of print materials. These are low cost publications that can be distributed to large numbers of learners so that they can take them home and share with family or friends, or they can be used inside the classroom for extensive reading practice.

Each pocket booklet contains a story, with talking points and some activities. FunDza has published various ranges of these and the following ones are currently available for distribution.