The FunDza Literacy Trust

FunDza gets South African youth reading and writing for pleasure, because we know this changes lives.

We create, collect and share stories that ignite the imagination of youth from under-resourced communities.

Reading is the fundamental pillar of education. Education is the foundation of a healthy, stable, growth-oriented society. The FunDza Literacy Trust is a non-profit organisation dedicated to growing educated, engaged and empowered young South Africans.

Only 8% of schools in South Africa have libraries, and books are expensive and often difficult to find. FunDza boosts literacy among teens and young adults by popularising reading; growing communities of readers; and, developing young writing talent.

FunDza provides content that gets people hooked. Our books and stories are exciting, relevant and authentically South African. FunDza reaches and interacts with readers through cellphones and has developed a ‘library on a phone.’ (Smartphones are not required.)

FunDza’s approach is working! Currently FunDza’s over 200 reading groups collectively reach more than 130,000 young people and it reaches 50 000 young readers each month through its ‘library on a cellphone’. In addition to commissioning professional writers to create gripping and engaging weekly content, FunDza edits and publishes the work of its Fanz in this section on the mobi-site. It also develops young writers via mentorships and writing workshops.

Literacy is a powerful tool with lifelong benefits: the importance of reading influences choices, gives value to readers’ lives, enhances critical and creative thinking and encourages personal development. Literacy is a major driver of economic mobility and social upliftment.

Join the Reading Revolution!