FunDza is helping to nurture and grow South Africa’s writing talent.


Young writers can submit their work for review by our team and later publication via our data-free mobisite, fundza.mobi

FunDza runs regular writing challenges and competitions, providing aspirant writers with a particular writing topic and format. They can submit their writing on https://live.fundza.mobi.

Mentorship programme

Our mentorship programme pairs promising writers with experienced writing mentors to write a ‘FunDza story’. We are proud to have mentors such as Sifiso Mzobe and Masha Du Toit, who have mentored young writers such as Njabulo Goba and Yonela Gatyeni, who have become part of our professional stable.

Fellowship programme

As part of our commitment to nurturing young writers, Fundza runs an immersive 10-month part-time virtual writing programme in which 20 talented young writers from across South Africa embark on an exciting writing journey to develop their skills. This is the programme’s second year, which is run in three main blocks (or terms) covering different topics. This year expanded into two streams where writers chose either fiction or non-fiction.
By the end of the fellowship, the writers will have built an impressive and diverse portfolio of writing and will have been published multiple times on the live.fundza.mobi platform, which is zero-rated on all SA networks. Through an online course (hosted on the live.fundza.mobi site), virtual workshops (hosted on Zoom) and a Fellowship WhatsApp group, we work hard to foster a supportive community of writers working towards the same goal – to gain the skills needed to be published on FunDza and elsewhere.