Our Mission and Vision

FunDza’s mission is to improve the literacy levels of South Africa’s youth by encouraging reading for pleasure, writing for meaning, and learning for life. Through our work, we aim to grow generations of educated, empowered and engaged young leaders and citizens in South Africa

Literacy changes lives

Literacy is a powerful tool with lifelong benefits. Reading books and stories influences ones choices, it gives value to lives, it enhances critical and creative thinking and encourages personal development. Reading and writing is the fundamental pillar of education. Education is the foundation of a healthy, stable, growth-oriented society.

Join FunDza in getting young South Africans reading, writing and learning! 

Our work in numbers

Figures are for the 2024 financial year, which started in March 2023.

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Love Writing Pieces Published

The stories I read on FunDza has taught me a lot about life.

We are so appreciative of your programme. Our kids simply love your titles.

FunDza has a winning strategy in getting our communities to read with meaning, to raise leaders who are readers and to revitalise a culture of reading.

Most of the books I read there were lessons to learn so I learnt a lot.

FunDza has taught me to be humble and grateful for the smallest things in life.

FunDza has restored my self-esteem in more ways than one.

FunDza has really helped me more especially in my writing. They’ve taught me how to be creative with words and paint a picture to the person reading my short stories.

It has helped me express myself freely and appreciate myself in a world that constantly tells me not to, especially as a young woman.

I have gained so much confidence in communicating with other people in English, hence I can now speak, write and spell fluently.

Nowadays people tend to forget their languages so Fundza easily provide us in different languages and skills to understand the stories.

I’ve been an active Fan for 3 years now and every time I visit the site I still feel the same way I did the first time I found out about it.

FunDza has helped me boost my language and comprehension skills at school.

The way teens click with your literature and are able to relate to it is commendable.

I am proud to say that FunDza is my source of encouragement and motivation.

At first reading a comprehension was difficult and I couldn’t real show interest but now it has brought back the fun of reading.
I enjoy reading some sad stories because during my childhood I experienced so much pain, so these sad stories are my medicine.

Reading the stories written here, especially because they are written by young people, has helped me see the country in a different way.

The FunDza workshop developed my confidence and groomed my potential.