FunDza runs open online courses on our site free for anyone to complete. They are based on FunDza material. Each course is available for around three months. Participants receive a certificate of completion (and excellence, if result are over 70%).

Here are some of themes covered by previous courses:

  • Social issues eg xenophobia, parenting styles, LGBTQ challenges (and joys) in SA, attitudes to sex and sexuality, gangs etc.
  • Personal development and support for mental health
  • Support and encouragement for the unemployed (eg CV writing, looking for job online, entrepreneurial skills etc)
  • Literature focus (eg poetry, plays, short stories)
  • Curriculum focus (eg grammar, writing essays etc)
  • Financial literacy

There is also the option to create closed customised courses for particular groups who are given a course code to access their FunDza course. In this instance organisations (such as schools or colleges) are also able to monitor their group’s progress via the learning management system.

If you are interested in finding out more about the courses, email dorothy@fundza.co.za