Download Chattalogues

Chattalogues are the first scenes of exciting short plays. These are on an A4 page, back to back, easy to read. After reading the first scene out loud (or even acting it out), readers can go to the fundza mobi site to read the rest of the play.

See all the completed chattalogues on the mobi site where the whole plays appear HERE.

Here are the downloadable first scenes to have fun with in a class or group.

It’s not funny by Terry-Jo Thorne

A childhood accident left Nosi with a scarred face and now a picture of her has gone viral on social media, and she’s become the subject of a cruel joke. Will she find the courage to face her school bullies? Will she seek justice or revenge?

Download the first scene HERE

Proud to be me by Leanne Raman

S’bu is at a new school in town. He is teased for being a country boy, and becomes ashamed of where he comes from. But then his brother intervenes, and S’bu has to decide what he really stands for…

Download the first scene HERE

Returning home by Thembela Madiki

Thando and her mother, Lusanda, have gone home to live with Lusanda’s parents. The two share a secret that they don’t want Ma’khulu and Ta’mkhulu to discover. What is their secret and will they be safe?

Download the first scene HERE

The Scars in my Heart by Hombakazi Lilelo

Noni is a 16-year-old school girl who is trying to follow a good path for herself and not fall into the traps of her alcoholic mother or the father who deserted her… but a chance meeting changes her course.

Download the first scene HERE

Rivalry by Zimkhitha Mlanzeli

Kelly and Amanda have been friends forever, despite their differences. But when handsome Thabo comes to school, and seems to like both girls that all changes. Who will he choose, and what will that do to the girls’ friendship?

Download the first scene HERE

Rise to fame by Zimkhitha Mlanzeli

Joseph is a nerd and doesn’t have a date for the matric dance. He thinks most girls are out of his league and won’t even look at him. That is until he meets bookworm Nozi …

Download the first scene HERE

Unrequited love by Terry-Jo Thorne

Raymond is a schoolboy who loves Portia… But Portia doesn’t know. So Raymond goes on a campaign to win her heart… but what will he lose in the process?

Download the first scene HERE

The valley of death by Zoe Bikwana

This story is a sad one. It is the story of two daughters who never knew their mothers’ love until the day they died, because of the same terrible secret their mothers kept from them

Download the first scene HERE