Download Mobi Stories

FunDza offers online courses, and at any one time at least three are available to complete. They cover a range of topics. Some are aimed at supporting the high school English curriculum, and cover topics such as punctuation, essay writing, grammar etc. Others draw on FunDza’s popular stories as a basis for literature study. Then there are also courses around a particular theme such as homelessness, or tips on preparing to find a job (for those who have already left school).

The multiple-choice questions are carefully designed to ‘teach’ and guide understanding as much as assess it, and also cover a range of skills, not just factual recall of the text. There are also some open-ended questions where participants write in their own responses to the content.

Participants get results immediately, as well as explanations of why they were wrong. They receive electronic certificates of completion at the end of the course, and of excellence, if they achieved over 70%.

FunDza also offers customised courses that are only accessible to partner organisations who can then themselves track their learners’ progress on the course. For more information on this offering email