FunDza’s reading programme takes place through FunDza’s ‘library on a phone’ (or computer) – the zero-rated site This is mobile friendly and easy to use. The site can also be accessed through the Moya Messenger App and App. There is also a FunDza app for android devices – FunDzapp. Currently around 300,000 individual users access FunDza content on a monthly basis.

Weekly story
FunDza started with a weekly story, launched on a Friday. Much has been added to this but this practice hasn’t stopped! Every week a new story is loaded, written by professional writers or emerging writers who have been carefully mentored. Some of Southern Africa’s top writers write for us, such as Sifiso Mzobe, Tracey Farren, Jenny Robson, Yewande Omotoso, Lauri Kubuitsile, Jayne Bauling. Some of our aspiring writers have joined this professional group, and more will do so in the future.

There is also other regular material such as the Mindspace blog, which is a weekly article written by South African writers about issues such as black tax, gender-based violence, online dating and more. There are interviews with inspiring South Africans who have overcome obstacles to do extraordinary things, and a ‘Did you know’ blog that covers a huge range of topics, often related to current concerns.

FunDza on WhatsApp
FunDza also has a Whatsapp channel. Users can save FunDza as a contact – 060 054 8676 – and then say ‘hello’ to get the menu.

Here users can see what’s new on the FunDza mobi site and also download stories to read offline. Readers can also use it to communicate with FunDza by sending us their queries and feedback.

FunDza is also experimenting with it as a channel of communication – responding to reader queries and comments.