Download Mobi Stories

FunDza has also got stories available for download for educational purposes. Here are links to eight of them. If you would like more, please send an email to with the subject line MORE STORIES PLEASE and a short message about how you will be using them.

Covered in Blood
Lukhanyo Matshebelele

Phumlani is tight with his older bro Zanoxolo – even though their mother is too dazzled by his shine to notice that Phumlani is brilliant at cricket. The brothers are so close that it doesn’t matter – until the dawn of the day when their lives are changed forever, the day their lives are covered in blood…

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A Future in Flames
Jenny Robson

Daniel is on a plane on the way to Cape Town. He is determined to stop the love of his life, Joy, from marrying the ‘wrong’ man. But as it gets closer to the time of the wedding he is plagued by the memory of what he saw that night in the flames of the sangoma’s fire. Something that he can never forget. Something that could put Joy’s life in danger…

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Bulelani, my brother
Dorothy Dyer

It is 1976, South Africa, Gugulethu. Ntombi’s life is turned upside down by the struggle against apartheid, and her beloved brother, Bulelani, is in the middle of it. Will she let her community – and Bulelani – down? Or, is she brave enough to be part of the fight for freedom?

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Being Special
Jenny Robson

How does it feel to be sixteen and pregnant? Tumi is about to find out. Will her mom stand by her? And what about her boyfriend, Vincent?

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Where is Home
Lauri Kubuitsile

After a terrible accident, Baleka is forced to move to the city and leave behind everything she loves, including her best friend Mmoloki. She struggles to find a place for herself in Joburg and when she finally does, she fears that it may mean she has to lose her best friend in the process.

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Heart Strings
Tracey Farren

Lisa and Langa meet playing soccer, and discover they are both studying guitar. He’s learning jazz, she plays classical. She’s white and he’s black. They’re attracted, but will our painful racial history prevent them falling in love?

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Man of the Moment
Sicelo Kula

Mzi is head over heels in love with Nolovuyo. But his life is overshadowed by something dark in his past, plus his future happiness is threatened by the friendships he keeps. How will he resolve his problems?

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Going Forward
Agnes Kimberley

Life has been difficult for Maria’s family since her Dad abandoned them. Their mother’s tuck shop at least keeps them fed. But there is more trouble on the way when her brother has to run the tuck shop. What is he up to? How will the family come through it all?

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