The FunDza Literacy Trust is grateful for Coronation Asset Management’s support of its “popularising reading” programme.

The funding received from Coronation will ensure that FunDza is able to provide even more beneficiary organisations with access to reading material designed to get South African teens hooked on books!

The books in the Harmony High series are making a big difference in teens lives and are helping to make reading books for pleasure an activity that feels relevant and accessible to the young people growing up in economically stressed communities in South Africa. This is evidenced by the hugely positive feedback we receive:

“I love Mxit but I didn’t go on for three days because I couldn’t stop reading.” – Sizole Faku
“Once you read the first page you can’t resist reading the next one. My neighbours saw me reading it and they all wanted to read it too.” – Nolubabalo Mafanya
“This book is so lovely and readable. It is what happens in our townships. Love it, the best.” – Nokuzola Makeleni
“This book relates to life. I want to know what happens next!” – Asanda Mini

FunDza believes that fostering a culture of reading in South Africa will have huge benefits for teens and young adults. Increased reading impacts positively on functional literacy (vocabulary, comprehension and general language skills) but there are also a mass of “hidden benefits”. Reading books gives people insight into other people’s lives and is associated with developing empathy and a better understanding of cause and effect. An Oxford University study by researcher Mark Taylor found that there was a direct positive correlation between reading for pleasure as a teen and the person’s future professional prospects. Taylor noted: “The positive associations of reading for pleasure aren’t replicated in any other extra-curricular activity, regardless of our expectations.”

Thank you, Coronation, for recognising the value that “popularising reading” has in helping South Africa’s youth to build a better future for themselves and our country as a whole.

You, too, can impact positively on building a culture of reading in South Africa by supporting FunDza’s programmes. Contact Nicci Giles to find out how your support can make a difference.