Every day the fundza.mobi platform receives more than a hundred comments on its many stories, blogs, articles, poems, online courses and Fanz writing. These comments provide us with a rich insight into the lives of our readers. They help us understand how our online platform is helping our readers find light in the darkness, how it gives hope to the forlorn, and is a teacher and friend to those in need. We can see that access to FunDza content is transforming lives. As one recent reader testified: “I am a changed person today due to the productive and fruitful ideas from FunDza stories. Keep up the good work, thank you.”

We can see that readers are learning life lessons through the stories:

“This is amazing. I felt like this talks to me in a way. Sometimes life tends to tempt me, although sometimes I get tempted I always pray I’m not making a wrong choice. Today after reading this story a just learned a life lesson. 1. To never take short cuts in life as they only have bad consequences. 2. Never be too curious as this could lead to danger and last but not least, always, always, always be careful of your actions and take your time in making any decision. Your life may depend on it. A huge thanks to the author.”

“It is short but good and it teaches us to be careful. Not every dream is from God and good. Everything that is quick and easy and unrealistic, we must be careful to accept. There are always consequences.”

“I learned that there is a time for everything. When you’re tired learn to rest not quit. Never give up, that’s the saying.”

“Educational story. I like it. This is the lesson for our youth so they can make the right choices in life.”

And, some of FunDza’s articles and stories are challenging readers to think about our society and the ‘big’ questions and issues, such as inequality and poverty:

“Thank you for such an uplifting and powerful article. To combat inequality we need to stand together as a country and utilize our human rights fairly to fight racism. We need to use our skills and talents to create jobs and meet the government halfway. We need to show our leaders in parliament and across the country to serve us faithfully without being arrogant, selfish and greedy. We need to stand together as a nation and show love by protecting our country and keeping its best interests so that future generations can benefit.”

“Wow. [The article] contrasted beautifully Alexandra and Sandton. That’s basically the whole formation of the new South African inequality in its rawest form…”

Other readers are sharing the love of reading with others, with positive outcomes:

“Oh wow! I read this to my 7 year-old lil sister and she looooooved it and wanted to hear more similar stories of this writer. If there are any I’m sure my foundation phase learners will enjoy it as much as she did… thumbs up. This is a job well done and it’s a very interesting read. I wish more teachers can see this.”

“Just read the story to my kids, they loved it. Good work and mighty thanks!”

Readers can often relate and become motivated or inspired:

“Wow… that poem describes how I currently feel… terribly amazing poem.”

“Wow! What a motivational story… you have just talked to my life.”

“The best… or should I say the greatest… tale I’ve ever read in my life. It has that read-me-more kind of thing. Keep posting more… I loved it. This is pure talent.”

“All of us have dreams. We owe it to ourselves to manifest those dreams and make them a reality.”

“The stories I have read are amazing and have inspired me to write my own.”

Readers are also enjoying the practical tips and advice they’re getting through our How to… and Work-Wise blogs:

“This [How to make your study group more efficient] was so useful. My young brother (matriculant) tried this and he said ‘wow, wow, wow’!”

“This was so helpful. I got to know how to write a covering letter. Big up!”

Participants in the online courses are also learning and growing thanks to the content they have access to:

“Your courses are great. I have learned a lot. Keep the good work coming…. More courses, please.”

“This is a very interesting piece of writing, very insightful and it broadens one’s view of science fiction as a literary category that is narrowly perceived by some people. #OnPoint.”

Comments are a great way for us as FunDza to tap into the world of our readers. Thank you to our Fanz readers for interacting with us and helping us to see the world through their eyes.