For the past couple of years FunDza’s spent the entire month of September celebrating literacy in one way or another. September is traditionally packed full with literacy and literature events – from International Literacy Day (celebrated on 8 September each year), to a myriad of campaigns and festivals (National Book Week, Open Book Festival and the SA Book Fair, to name a few).

This year we decided to host a #JoyOfWriting campaign during the month, to celebrate our Fanz writers and the variety of individuals and groups that support them. Each day we selected one FunDza supporter to highlight on social media. In addition, on the FunDza mobi site, we hosted a short course competition that focused participants’ attention on writing – called All About Writing. Those who completed the course in the designated period of time, and scored an average of 70% for all quizzes qualified to be entered into a random draw. The computer selected five lucky course participants as winners and they were featured from the 25th to the 30th as part of the #JoyOfWriting campaign.

See below for a list of who was selected, why they were selected, and what they thought about it…