We started the phPhone recipientone drive in November, and have since been able to bless FIVE recipients with a brand new smartphone. These FunDza fans were in the top category for having spent the most time reading the FunDza stories via Mxit, and it was wonderful to be able to provide them with a new handset. As, since the close of Mxit, they had been unable to connect with FunDza as they only had an old feature phone that couldn’t access FunDza’s site, app or app on FreeBasics.com. But, now – with their new smartphone – they can get reading FunDza again!
It was a fun thing to do – to be the one to make the call and let them know that they are the recipient of a brand new smart phone. In our last blog, we mentioned the fabulous feedback we got from our recipients, and now with four of the five readers having the handsets in their possession and switched to Cell C (so they can read FunDza for FREE via the FreeBasics.com app), I can share their photos and excitement! Most importantly, they can now continue reading FunDza from their phones
Pictured up above is Thokozile Sondezi who was thrilled to receive her smartphone (and FunDza t-shirt!). Thokozile admitted she thought it was a hoax, but went along with it and provided us with her delivery details and was over the moon when she received it! She has her Cell C sim card now and can access FunDza stories again, using FreeBasics.Com – keep reading, Thokozile!
Emmerentia (pictured below) was the most enthusiastic – she was blown away by the generosity from the sponsor of the phone and couldn’t believe she was now the proud owner of a smart phone. She linked up with FunDza the moment her new hand set was fully charged and ready to go. She thanked the sponsor and FunDza every day that week, and was very happy to be able to read FunDza stories again.
We have also provided some airtime to these recipients, so that they could download FreeBasics.com and connect with FunDza stories again.
It doesn’t stop here though! We are, however, still on the lookout for phone donations or financial donations in aid of buying new phones (R500 gets a smart phone!) so please do spread the word and let’s get our previously dedicated Mxit readers back to reading for pleasure with FunDza!
With the exciting online courses now also available on the app or mobi site, we want to draw as many young people as we can to the site. School holidays are upon us. Let’s keep them reading and learning!