10 Years of Impact Report

FunDza has been operating for an incredible 10 years. When FunDza was first founded by Cover2Cover Books in 2011, the aim was to get South African teens reading for pleasure. Since then, we have expanded our definition of what literacy is to incorporate all aspects of literacy for young people – from reading and writing, to learning and thinking. Being literate in the broadest sense is having the tools necessary to navigate the world effectively.

This report examines the literacy landscape over the past 10 years, looking at how literacy is measured, how literacy practices have changed in homes and schools, and how other organisations – both for-profit and not-for-profit – are hoping to change and shape the environment to ensure that we do grow generations of educated and informed young people in our country.

The report provides an overview of the top 10 lessons that we have learned during this time. Many of these lessons have come from interactions with our readers, writers and learners, and have helped to shape our programmes.

The report ends with a section that brings to life the qualitative and quantitative data we have received from our readers and writers, through the visual infographics, and fictionalised personas. Meet Anathi, Ziyanda, Amahle, Lizo and Asemahle and see how and where they live, and why accessing FunDza’s stories or getting published and doing courses with fundza.mobi is important and meaningful to them.

Thank you to the Surefire Communication team for compiling this report.

Read it here.