The creative siblings: Bryanne, Tamica and Joshua Mopp

The creative siblings: Bryanne, Tamica and Joshua Mopp

I’ve been working for FunDza for a year now. I started off as an intern and now I find myself writing and publishing my very own children’s story series on I could not have done it without the help of my brothers who have been illustrating my words into pictures to accompany the text and bring the stories to life.

I’ve always loved writing since I was 9 years old. Writing comes naturally to me. My brothers have been drawing since they were toddlers and each year they have improved their drawings. Through the years they have developed their own unique drawing styles.

Drawing was never my talent, but I do have a picture in my head of how I want the characters in my story to look. So I then tell my brothers to draw the story and they have never disappointed. Everything I see in my head they put to life on paper. It is truly a blessing to have two brothers who are able to do that for me.

Working with my brothers has been a joy. I would tell them one day what the story is about and explain how the characters must look and that same day they produce results.

“It’s been interesting working with my sister. My favourite story I drew for her was, Caitlyn’s Favourite Toy,” Joshua says.

Joshua, (16), is the middle child in our family. He wants to be an accountant or comic book artist when he finishes school. He is currently in grade 10 at Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology. That’s another thing he’s good at and I’m not – Maths!

Bryanne (19), is two years younger than me, but he feels more like my older brother because of the wisdom he has and shares with both me and Joshua. He is able to come up with ideas too, not just putting those ideas to pictures. Bryanne is planning on studying soon and will be doing his matric through night classes.

“It’s been a blessing drawing for my sister, a challenge but a blessing.” Bryanne says.

The three of us have always been close and continue to learn from each other. We look forward to doing more children stories together, we believe that if it were not for God we would not be able to draw or write the way we do.