TribuneThe Sunday Tribune in KwaZulu-Natal ran a Valentine’s Day Special that gave readers a taste of FunDza’s fabulous short stories that can be read and enjoyed on FunDza’s mobi site (

As the feature coincided with Valentine’s day, of course they selected hot romance stories, The Babe Magnet (Elana Bregin) and Love Never Dies (Njabulo Shongwe). Most of each of these stories were featured in the spread but readers needed to go to to read the final bits!

What a great way to introduce Sunday Tribune readers to the huge amount of relevant and exciting content on FunDza’s ‘library on a cellphone’!

The spread was all thanks to Carol Campbell who is an editor and reporter on the Tribune. We were lucky enough to have had her as a mentor on our ‘Mentoring our Future Writers’ project. She became so excited and passionate about FunDza’s work with young writers that she has continued to be a mentor after the project ended, and continues to be a great champion for FunDza!

‘Mentoring our Future Writers’ programme was held in KwaZulu-Natal in 2016. This programme is one of our most exciting at FunDza and pairs young talented upcoming writers with professional writers to write pairs of contemporary short stories linked in exciting and interesting ways. The mentors and mentees both work on their stories together and the results are a treat for readers, both on and for those who read the print anthology It Takes Two – Vol 3.

During the project, mentees got invaluable help in constructing their stories and improving their writing skills from mentors, and the mentees brought a fresh young outlook and colloquial flavour that informed the mentors work. It was an incredible experience for these writers, where all had a chance to learn something new.

If you want to read The Babe Magnet by Elana Bregin, click here. To read Love Never Dies by Njabulo Shongwe, click here.