It is always fascinating to see our top reads, particularly as ‘trending reads’ are no longer highlighted on the site, so these items have been found independently by thousands of readers who have voted with their ‘clicks’. Unsurprisingly, love is an overarching theme, and, amongst the Fanz writing, there are also old favourites that have continued attracting new readers over the years.

So, here are the top reads that gripped our readers in 2020.

Short stories (published weekly, written by professional writers)

A double dose of love
When it all falls apart
My wrong Mr Right
I’ll die where you die
The pretender

Mindspace (a blog series published weekly, written by professional writers)
Does gratitude make you happier
Dear woman
When being a dark-skinned fat woman is criminal
The big decision
I think I like girls

Did you know (a blog series published weekly, written by FunDza junior staff members)
The real story of Valentine’s Day
How to cope with the corona crisis
Why Black Coffee uses one hand
What the silent killer is
How government spends your money

Inspiring tomorrow articles (a series of interviews with ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things, published weekly, written by FunDza junior staff members)
Patrick Salvador – finding strength through pain
Nkosinathi Mbatha – from poverty to prosperity for young entrepreneur
A journey through hell and back
Hard work pays off in the end
Amina Pululu – finding healing through dance

Workwise (a series of blogs aimed at young people searching for jobs, published every second week, written by a professional writer)
Getting professional with your CV
Teach English online
Internships and volunteering – a path to employment
Entering the world of work
Trade realities: Electrician

Children’s stories (selected from open-source sites, published weekly)
Man and lion
The evil fairy
Friends become enemies
Honest girl
Four lambs and a fox

FANZ poetry (poetry written by our readers)
Ubomi sisiqalo; Ukufa sisiqalekiso
Dear love 3

Fanz essays (essays written by our readers)
A day I’ll never forget
A letter to my dead mother
My father hero my father zero
Damn I slept with my cousin
Don’t judge a book by its cover

Fanz plays (plays written by our readers)
There’s always a first time for everything
The village girl
Hand made
Over my dead body