How to..._FunDza launched three new blogs in March offering readers thought-provoking content, practical advice for the world of work, and handy step-by-step guides to doing a whole lot of useful and yummy things!

MindSpace is just what it says: a space where young writers and readers can get their voices heard. It’s a space to share opinions, life experiences and feelings on a range of current, thought-provoking topics. FunDza Fanz can read, be challenged, expand their knowledge and share their views with peers around issues from gender, to cultural exchange and current trends. So far there have been blogs about: what it’s like to get a window into another culture in Kauthar Gool’s ‘Taxi to Gugulethu’; challenging sexual harassment in Amahlathi Aphelile’s ‘I am not your Hello Nice!’ and what it is like to live with bipolar disease in Refilwehape Mofokeng’s ‘After the Storm’. The sky’s the limit for what can be written and talked about in this mind-expanding space.

Work-Wise was started as a response to all the FunDza Fanz who have been asking for practical advice on how to prepare for the world of work and how to look for jobs. It’s a guide for young FunDza Fanz starting out on their working journey. It offers practical guidelines and advice on all things work related, from how to write a show-stopping CV, wow in an interview, or capitalise on the benefits of volunteering.

How to … do just about anything! This is a DIY step-by-step guide to follow when you want to do just about anything from certifying a document to applying for a learner’s licence or cooking yummy flapjacks to impress your friends and family. The blog is written by our fabulous young writers at FunDza who have fun coming up with topics and are challenged to make them as user-friendly as possible!

Here are how FunDza Fanz are loving the new blogs, take a look at the below comments:

MindSpace: Taxi to Gugulethu

“It’s nice to experience township life” ~ Naniki

“To have experience of that kind of food, nice! come to my town and experience amanqina, braaied n spicy” ~ Mzumike

“I also had a friend who lived in Gugs, then moved to Khayalitsha and I visited and slept over often. Her friends were always amused and really appreciated that I understood some isiXhosa and YES it is great to experience other cultures. I particular admire the isiXhosa culture for their traditions and their great respect for the elderly.” ~ Serenflipppity

MindSpace: I am not your Hello Nice!

“I’m glad you wrote about this. It’s a very important subject that many young people struggle with today. It’s something no-one wants to talk about. Love this article. Thanks so much.” ~ Chess

“This is a powerful story sometimes its difficult being a woman because we go through a lot everyday.” ~ Mapah ·

“WHAT A SMALL POWERFUL PIECE. IT’S really heart breaking for us ladies to be insulted because you dont want to respond back.THANK YOU FOR THE TRUTH.” ~ SHAZZY NO:1

Work-Wise: Getting professional with your CV

“I’ve been lacking in the aspect of writing a CV. But it’s been made clear to me, thanks.” ~ Kianabrewer ·

“This is really helping, thank you” ~ Precious.m ·

“Thankful” ~ Mmunga

How to… make yummy flapjacks

“Thank you for the recipe I did try it and my topping I just drizzled it with Maple Syrup” ~ Boyce

“Flapjacks don’t get fried with oil – they are dry fried. The oil in the recipe allows for this. My favourite topping is caramel and whipped cream or whipped cream sprinkled with diced strawberries. Oh all this talk of food is making me hungry!” ~ Serenflipppity

“This is the best recipe of what I’ve been craving for. thanks a lot!” ~ Hlowney