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FunDza is currently supporting 100 reading groups/schools/community libraries around the country that are promoting reading for pleasure and using exciting FunDza books and material to do so. Groups can receive reading or writing workshops, training, and they can access two of FunDza’s specially created Foundation and Intermediate online reading courses.

Members of the FunDza Family can receive the following types of support:


Reading for Pleasure

Family groups can register as either a Reading Club or a Lending Library.

  • With the Reading Clubs FunDza provides groups with at least 100 books per year, delivered in two batches. The books are provided with lesson plans so that groups can use the material as part of a structured reading club programme. Lesson plans include warm-up activities, a selected reading (to be done in small groups), and then activities – such as discussions, debates or dramas – to bring the stories to life and improve literacy practices.
  • With the Lending Library system, groups can select up to 80 books from FunDza’s catalogue per year. These are delivered in one batch and groups can also receive resources on how to run an effective classroom library or lending library system, including methods for the tracking of books.

Family groups are also encouraged to introduce the learners they reach to FunDza’s mobi network, so that they can read more for pleasure in their own time.


Writing for Expression

FunDza can provide its Family members with the following writing workshops (dependent on location and availability):

  • Creative Me: A fun introductory workshop that includes reading and writing support. (±2 hours).
  • Writing Good Essays: A writing workshop that covers the types of essays required by the CAPS curriculum. A resource booklet is included. (±2 hours)
  • Writing Me: An advanced writing course for serious young writers who would like to improve their writing and editing skills. (half-day to 2 days)


Literacy for Life

FunDza Family members can register their group members for one of two online reading courses: a Foundation course (aimed at grade 7-9 learners) or an Intermediate course (aimed at grade 10-12 learners). Given that the courses are delivered online, it is imperative that the group has computers/tablets as well as stable internet connectivity. The courses include a wide range of reading texts that are linked to quizzes (marked automatically) as well as other writing, discussion or role-play activities.


Training for Scale

FunDza Family members can benefit from training from FunDza’s facilitators. This is done in face-to-face workshops or delivered through online videos or by receiving telephonic support. FunDza staff also try to visit groups as frequently as possible in order to strengthen their literacy efforts. Monthly newsletters help to share best practice and allow groups to feel that they are part of a supportive, nurturing ‘Family’.


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