Our Stakeholders

To promote literacy, FunDza focuses on the ‘pleasure’ aspect of reading. Studies show that reading for pleasure is a powerful indicator of a young person’s future success. Reading fiction is also linked to increased empathy, creativity, and an understanding of cause and effect, as well as the more obvious skills of language and vocabulary development.

FunDza is getting books and stories – whether in print or electronic format ­– into the hands of teens and young adults from under-resourced ‘book-poor’ communities. In addition, it is encouraging young people to explore their creative talents and start writing too. It works formally through groups and informally, reaching people through the use of mobile technology.

FunDza’s four innovative programmes – Reading for Pleasure, Writing for Expression, Literacy for Life, and Training for Scale – supported by its core FunDza Foundation programme, are reaching thousands of young South Africans nationwide and having an impact on attitudes and behaviours around reading and writing.

Through these outreach programmes, FunDza is reaching the following stakeholder groups: FunDza Family, FunDza Fanz and FunDza Friends. Click on the links below to find out more about how we work with our stakeholder groups.

FunDza Family

FunDza is currently supporting 100 reading groups/schools/community libraries around the country that are promoting reading for pleasure and using exciting FunDza books and material to do so. Groups can receive reading or writing workshops, training, and they can access two of FunDza’s specially created Foundation and Intermediate online reading courses.

FunDza Fanz

Our online portal – fundza.mobi – reaches ±70,000 users each month on their mobile phones. With new content each day, the platform is a reading haven, with space for readers to comment, rate and share. They can contribute too – through the Fanz section. And, users can register for online courses to improve their language skills.

FunDza Friends

FunDza can customise its offering for specific target groups. Through this, FunDza provides workshops, training and support for a range of government and nonprofit partners.