Our Beneficiaries

FunDza wants beneficiaries to experience a sense of connection to the programme. They need to monitor the use of the books, and give us feedback on how they used them by filling in surveys twice a year. Many beneficiaries also send us reviews, photos, and comments from their learners.

Explore the map below to see which schools, libraries, youth groups or literacy organisations we’ve supported with books and resources since inception. The ‘active’ groups (red) are those that we are currently supporting and the ‘inactive’ ones (purple) are those we have supported in the past.



Become a partner!

If you are involved in a reading or literacy programme and would like to work with FunDza to popularise reading and receive donated books, click here to complete our online application form. Alternatively, email info@fundza.co.za to request the form that can be completed offline and faxed or emailed back to us.