FunDza Friends

FunDza works with a wide range of partner organisations to deliver customised solutions according to their needs. These solutions often incorporate a range of FunDza’s existing services aimed at either the Family or Fanz users. Often projects combine a range of reading, writing, learning or training elements in order to create a customised package for the partner.

Reading for Expression

FunDza can create customised offline or online reading courses or exercises, with or without resources, for specific projects. The content would be aimed specifically at the target market’s needs. FunDza can also use its extensive networks of professional writers to create or edit materials so that they are appropriate for a particular South African readership.

Writing for Expression

FunDza can run specific writing workshop or create the materials for the hosting of sustained writing clubs with learners.

Literacy for Life

FunDza can provide groups with customised online reading courses that work for a particular target group. The materials would be aimed specifically at learner requirements in terms of language level and content type.

Training for Scale

FunDza can provide teachers and reading/writing facilitators with customised training packages so that they are able to use resources more effectively in group environments. Examples of training packages include the training of teachers to run reading for pleasure sessions inside the classroom or as part of an after-school programme; or the training of teachers to run writing exercises inside the classroom. FunDza works closely with partner organisations to define their training needs and provide a solution that has practical application post training.

Examples of our work with FunDza Friends:

  • Language support materials and training for the Year Beyond programme, Western Cape
  • An independent reading programme for Sumbandila/Rethink project, Limpopo
  • A customised Reading for Enjoyment campaign with False Bay College campuses
  • Training of teachers in Limpopo province with the US Embassy: RELO project
  • Content editing of a story for EVOKE! Literacy with WorldVision and partners



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