Our Programmes

The FunDza Literacy Trust’s mission is to develop literacy through growing a community of readers and writers among its teen/young adult demographic. To fulfil these objectives, FunDza has four outreach programmes that are supported by its core programme: Building for Sustainable Impact.  

Popularising Reading

FunDza is getting print books to young people across the country. Through its Popularising Reading programme, FunDza is building a network of beneficiary groups that are reading for pleasure.

Growing Communities of Readers

To distribute content as widely as possible, FunDza uses a platform accessible and familiar to the youth: the cellphone. FunDza has a virtual ‘library on a phone’ that is accessible to feature phones, smartphones and any device connected to the Internet. Thousands of young people connect daily to get their reading fix.

Developing Young Writers

To be literate is to be able to read. To be ‘empowered by literacy’, readers need to be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively too. Through the Developing Young Writers programme FunDza gets young people writing and showcases their work.

Deepening Reading Practice

FunDza is building an online reading curriculum that can be used by schools and other groups to improve the literacy levels of their learners and to support deeper reading experiences. It will be offering a variety of packages for organisations to access this vital content.

Building for Sustainable Impact

FunDza is future-focused, to ensure its work can have measurable impact in the long term. This programme provides it with a secure funding base, great partnerships with other organisations, efficient support systems, a legal framework that is transparent and accountable, and an active advocacy platform.