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To be literate is to be able to read. To be ‘empowered by literacy’, readers need to be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively too. FunDza not only wants to create a nation of readers who consume content, it wants to build a strong network of creators of content too. To this end, it is working with young writers to help to develop their writing talents, through workshops, writing mentorships and through helping them publish their work on the fundza.mobi platform.

Since inception, FunDza has published the work of more than 3,200 young people on fundza.mobi. It also hosts regular writing competitions to stretch people and develop their imaginations. FunDza editors provide feedback to those young writers who send in their poetry and essays. And, it hosts a private Facebook group – the FunDza Fanz Writers Forum through which members can share tips and learn. FunDza is proud of these new young voices who are learning to express themselves with competence and eloquence.

In addition, FunDza runs writing workshops for schools and groups. These aim to impart important writing skills and help young people become more confident about showcasing their writing talents. Currently FunDza is only offering the Writing Good Essays workshop to schools and groups. This workshop supports teachers and learners alike with developing skills for writing essays for school.

FunDza is also piloting its WritingMe Writing Clubs with two groups in the Western Cape and one in KwaZulu-Natal. The writing clubs do require sponsorship and thus they are offered by invitation only.

Finally FunDza also mentors young highly talented writers. The mentorships are aimed at growing its pool of professional writers who can produce regular content for fundza.mobi. More than 30 young writers have benefited from mentorships.

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