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Increasingly FunDza is being asked to train teachers, reading group facilitators, librarians and volunteers on how to encourage teens and young adults to reading for enjoyment and to develop their writing skills. To this end it has developed a training component that covers each of its areas of interest: reading, writing and literacy learning.
FunDza has provided customised training to a number of audiences, including both skilled classroom practitioners and those new to the field. FunDza offers the following training modules – these can be customised for specific groups and needs and they can be offered in combination with one another:

FunDza FUN training

This training is aimed at entry-level facilitators and seasoned teachers who would like to bring more fun into the classroom. The intention of the training is to provide facilitators with a range of language-based games and ice-breakers to use with groups of students to make them see that reading can be creative, exploratory, irreverent and fun. The games are designed to get learners talking (often in a language that is not their home language) and exploring a world of words. Participants receive a resource pack with step-by-step instructions to 12 games/ice-breakers.

Reading for Pleasure training

Studies have shown that reading for pleasure is one of the most significant indicators for academic success in and after school. We need to get our learners reading. This workshop looks at how to do that using FunDza’s online and offline material. The sessions will cover how to run reading groups and how to store and monitor classroom libraries. The training includes manuals and books, samples aimed at learners and other books that will appeal to adults too.

Writing for Expression training

This workshop gets teachers writing about their own lives and experiences, using carefully scaffolded activities so that it is an ‘easy’ process, rather than a daunting prospect of filling up a blank page. Teachers can use and adapt these activities with their own classes. Writing is so often taught as a decontextualised exercise, and these activities demonstrate to teachers how writing is a powerful mode of self-expression. It also helps teachers to grapple with the process of writing themselves, which will then be a valuable experience when they teach writing in their own classrooms. Participants receive a resource booklet and notes for running the activities inside the classroom.

Writing for School training

The curriculum requires learners to be able to write a range of essays: reflective, discursive, persuasive, narrative and descriptive. Teachers themselves often struggle with the differences between these genres and, as a result, have difficulty teaching them to learners. Through this workshop teachers go through a variety of activities as a way to understand the demands of these genres. Again these activities can be used and adapted with the learners in the classrooms. Standard course material includes a Writing Good Essays booklet and facilitator notes on how to run the essay workshop inside the classroom.

Online course training

This training is aimed at teachers/reading group facilitators that are using FunDza’s online courses with a group of learners. Participants will receive information about the power of reading for pleasure. They will be introduced to both the and the theLMS platform so that they can manage the technical aspects of the course. They will also be provided with training in the facilitation of the offline activities (discussions, debates, role-plays, etc) that can be used alongside the online course. Participants receive a handbook for using FunDza’s online courses.

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