Reading for Pleasure

FunDza believes that the more young people read the faster they will acquire the language skills they need to be successful both academically and professionally. South Africa has a very low culture of reading. According to the latest National Reading Survey just 14% of adult South Africans identify as committed readers.

FunDza aims to change this by creating and publishing materials that will ignite a love of reading, specifically aimed at teens and young adults who have never previously identified as readers. Through experimentation and research, FunDza has learned that young people are more likely to become readers if they are introduced to texts that are meaningful to them. Thus, creating local content that speaks to young readers’ hearts and minds, and that reflects their circumstances, is of paramount importance.

FunDza works both with print and electronic materials to deliver relevant and exciting content. Its FunDza Family members receive print books to run reading clubs and lending libraries, while its FunDza Fanz readers access popular content through their mobile phones, tablets or computers. FunDza, in collaboration with its print publishing partner Cover2Cover Books, has developed a wide range of content that is aimed at a variety of reading levels.

Most importantly, feedback shows that the stories, articles, blogs and resources are encouraging reading for pleasure, as these few comments illustrate:

“I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted to know more.”

“I loved the book … It was written in South Africa … It wasn’t something about the suburbs. It was local … it was about black people in the townships!”

“Gave those paperbacks to some of our young people here and they’ve been devouring them! Seems like the books are gripping enough for the guys to want to read them too… They do get the youngsters reading.”

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