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In 2014, FunDza started to build resources to accompany its stories, blogs and feature articles in order to develop and deepen reading practice. To this end, it has built an online system – theLMS – that can host a range of customised or open reading courses using FunDza content.
Typically a module includes a reading text, a quiz (with access to answers and explanations), and related activities, such as writing exercises, discussions, debates, drama or role-play. The intention is to use the text as a springboard to bringing language learning to life in a fun and creative way. The courses can be conducted as part of a group learning environment or as an individual online.
FunDza offers its Family, Fanz and Friends access to a variety of online courses. The modules include a range of genres and can include language modules too.

  • Fanz can register for one of the freely-accessible open online courses available on At any point in time, there are three courses available. Fanz who successfully complete all modules on a course receive a certificate of participation. Those who score more than 75% for the course receive a certificate of excellence.
  • Family groups can sign up their learners for either a Foundation course (aimed at grade 7-9 learners) or an Intermediate course (aimed at grade 10-12 learners). The group facilitators have access to the theLMS system so that they can monitor the progress of individuals in their group.
  • Friends can work with FunDza to customise courses according to their specific needs. FunDza provides reading curriculums for the high school component of the Year Beyond project targeting eight high schools in the Western Cape, as well as to grade 9 learners enrolled in the Sumbandila/Rethink project in Limpopo, amongst others.

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