What we've learned: FunDza Fanz

FunDza continuously monitors its online mobi network – fundza.mobi – to determine how much reading is happening. It regularly collects information such as: number of unique readers within a period, session times and lengths, average numbers of pages read, comments received, number of unique commenters, as well as information on the most popular stories/blogs/articles. All of this information helps us to work out how well we are meeting our targets, and meeting the needs of our Fanz readership too.

In addition, we conduct – at a minimum – an annual survey of our readership so that we can determine changes, and collect their stories of impact.

We have also started to survey our writers so that we can better understand their needs.

Survey Results: FunDza Fanz – December 2017Survey Results: FunDza Fanz – December 2016Survey Results: FunDza Fanz – December 2015Learning Brief: Reading behaviour and motivations – 2015Executive Summary, Evaluation of Growing Communities of Readers programme – 2014


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