Our Impact

FunDza continues monitors and measures its impact and activities. Since inception it has:
• Delivered 118,000+ books and 270,000+ booklets to more than 500 reading groups nationwide;
• Held 100+ workshops, reaching more than 3,000 learners;
• Reached on average 70,000 active monthly users in the past year;
• Published the work of 3,300+ young aspirant writers on fundza.mobi;
• Provided more than 5,000 young people with access to online reading courses; and
• Trained more than 300 reading group volunteers or teachers in FunDza’s methodology of promoting reading for pleasure and/or writing for expression.

The impact of this activity is significant, and ongoing. In an external impact survey conducted by on behalf of the Omidyar Network in 2017 found that:
• 86% of beneficiaries say quality of life has improved because of FunDza. Writers reported more or better writing skills as a key outcome, where Family and Fans reported improved reading and writing as key outcomes;
• Fanz writers valued access to editing and publishing;
• Fanz readers valued access to content; and
• Family group participants valued the manner in which FunDza encourages reading.

Our December 2017 survey of online readers reveal that FunDza’s work is igniting a love of reading:
• 91% say their language or comprehension skills had improved thanks to reading on FunDza;
• 92% say they have experienced personal or quality of life improvements thanks to reading on FunDza.

The FunDza Family beneficiary groups, who use our books in reading clubs or classroom sessions, say learners who previously had no access to books or who had not previously shown an interest in reading are now reading for pleasure. Group facilitators are excited about improvements in the learners’ ability to speak English, thanks to access to books they can relate to as well as the organised reading and discussion groups.

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FunDza Family

To remain in FunDza’s programme, beneficiary groups – the FunDza Family – need to provide FunDza with regular feedback on how they have used the books and resources, and what impact this has had on the young people reached.

FunDza Fanz

FunDza continuously monitors activity on the fundza.mobi network so that it can understand what works (and what doesn’t) for its readers and writers. It also regularly surveys readers and writers so it can better meet their needs.

FunDza Friends

Dependent on the partnership or working relationship, FunDza will sometimes conduct or be part of a study in a special ‘Friends’ project.