TrinityWe were lucky enough to have Trinity join us in the trenches for a short stint! This is her experience with us:

“I first found out about FunDza through my gran. Some time back, I was wanting to job shadow someone for 3 days for a school project that we had to speak about our experience to our peers. She suggested that I go to FunDza for those 3 days and I was very much intrigued by this experience that I would encounter.

In those 3 short days I learned a lot. I didn’t realize how much it took to keep a website updated nor how much time it took to edit stories. I didn’t realize how vast their website had and how much it has to offer you.

I came away from this experience having a much clearer view on what I wanted to do for my career. I spoke to my mom about me coming back to FunDza for a week to do an Internship and learn more skills, and have a border view on things. And so I asked them if they would be willing to let me come again for a week. They said yes!

When I came through their doors I will never forget how welcoming and warm they are, and how relaxed and chilled this space is. It is a wonderful environment for learning, writing and creating. The people that work here are full of joy and are so incredibly welcoming. They always have a calm, chilled out compose that in return, makes you feel the same way.

I got to sit through a meeting and got to listen to everyone and what different aspects they do. I was able to edit and see how other people wrote and read their stories. I got to write a blog or two. I got to know everyone a little bit better. I got to meet new faces. It’s an interesting environment, filled with different avenues.

Even though I have only been here for a week I have learnt so much. I have realised as well that even though they are not a massive organisation, they are able to touch so many people in the heart with the FunDza stories. I have also realised that so many people who could never access books or stories, now can! And how everyone has a right to read and FunDza is making that a reality. I forgot how so much joy can be found by just one story. They are bringing joy to everyone. And everyone has a right to read no matter where you come from.

So thank you FunDza, for giving me this amazing experience and for giving people joy through books and creating a wonderful website to go to. I have definitely come away knowing a lot more than I did before I came. ”

Thank you Trinity, it was our pleasure having you here and we hope to see you again!