On 3 October 2019, FunDza launched the ‘Moving Up with the Majolas’ course competition, in partnership with the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation.

Through the course competition, participants were introduced to the Majola family who were facing a range of difficult financial decisions. Each story chapter was followed by an info section that gave the participants some insight into financial literacy.

The story and competition was hugely popular, with more than 2,800 people participating in the course competition. Many readers commented on how they had learned valuable skills and how it had helped them in their lives. There were also lots of comments for more!

In order to be considered a valid entry participants needed to have completed all aspects of the course (read all 10 chapters and 10 info sections, answered all 10 surveys and quizzes) and they needed to have got at least 50% on average for the quizzes, and they had to complete this all before the closing time: midnight on 22 November.

For the judging, FunDza checked all entries to ensure that they were valid. Each entry was then given a unique ID and entered into a computer program that selected the lucky five winners through a random draw.

Each winner is walking away with R2,000 in cash plus a goodie bag of treats, courtesy of FunDza and Momentum Metropolitan Foundation.

Here is a slice of what our lucky winners had to say when they received the great news:

Prudence Mabasa – Mamelodi East, Gauteng Province

“I found out about FunDza on the Cell C FreeBasics platform while I was accessing Facebook and I have been reading since then. I love reading on fundza.mobi because it does not need data, the stories on the platform are educational.”

Thinking about the cash prize, Prudence said: “I plan to save my money towards my education as I am planning to go back to school next year at Unisa. Thank you so much FunDza.”


Tshepang Mokgele, Extension 8 Matshelapaad, North West Province

“I have been reading on FunDza for about a year now. Reading on FunDza means to me that I get to keep my mind busy and away from the streets. FunDza has helped me to be a critical thinker when it comes to my tests and school work. I have learnt a lot on funzda.mobi,” he said.

In closing, the excited Tshepang, who had just finished his final exam paper, added, “Through this competition, I have learnt how to spend my money wisely, avoiding debts and how to utilize cash and prioritising on buying necessities. I plan to spend my lucky prize on my necessities and data so that I can continue to keep reading. I am also going to get myself a pair of sneakers and save a few hundreds.”


Pulane Mathe, Kutlwanong – Free State Province

“I found out about FunDza years ago when I downloaded the Cell C FreeBasics app. I love reading a lot so finding this online library was the most thrilling experience because I now have variety of books to read.”

Reflecting on the course, Pulane said: “I learnt a lot from the course, firstly I learnt about different types of saving accounts and how they work, I learnt that paying a debt with a debt is not good. I learnt how the fourth industrial revolution is going to affect people from now going forward. Lastly, when starting a business, a person should not make hasty decisions that would end up making them endure loss not profit. Thank you so much FunDza.”


Yolanda Vumazonke, Mfuleni – Western Cape

“I have been reading on fundza.mobi for about 2 years now and I found out about it via Cell C FreeBasics. I particularly enjoyed this competition because I got to learn more about saving, funeral cover, financial planning and being responsible with my money.”

Yolanda added: “I am currently looking for a job and so I will use the prize money to start looking for work and applying at colleges. Keep up the great work, FunDza.”


Wezeka Jan, Samora – Western Cape

“I started reading on fundza.mobi during the competition after finding it on Cell C FreeBasics this month. I love the stories on fundza.mobi because they are educational and entertaining. I loved the competition specifically because I got to learn a lot about financial literacy.”
“The prize money could not have come at a more perfect time as I have a lay-bye of furniture that I will square up and buy school uniform for my child,” Wezeka said.


Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the five lucky winners. Keep reading, learning and writing with us.