I was invited to talk to (U3A) the University of the Third Age in Greyton about FunDza. It was a smallish group – perhaps because there was a wild fire on the nearby mountain, visible from the meeting venue! But there were some experienced literacy practitioners there, and everyone was interested and engaged, so it was a lovely audience.

But the audience member who I was most excited to meet was Shuneen Adams, one of our FunDza Fanz writers. Shuneen found us through our great supporter and champion in Greyton, Carol du Toit, who knew that Shuneen had a passion for reading and writing.

Since then Shuneen says she has become an avid reader on the platform, and has also written two heartrending stories for FunDza. It was very moving for me to hear her describe the role FunDza has played in her life. We interact with our readers electronically, and read their comments and writings, but it is always very special to meet one in person.

Shuneen brought her teenage daughter and two friends to the event, and they were very excited to each choose a book from the ones that I was exhibiting. Since then I have heard from Carol that Shuneen and the girls are working to organise a FunDza workshop for the local high school.

Here are the links to Shuneen’s powerful pieces of writing:
Shattered Dreams can be read here.
A family in ruins can be read here.