We know we have thousands of thousands of readers, but we also need to know more about them. Every year we ask readers to fill in a survey to collect information to help us get more insight into the lives and concerns of our audience. We make it a competition to incentivise it, and it is always interesting to see the people behind the numbers! Here are the winners of our latest survey competition, as selected by a randomiser.  They each received R1000 and a goodie bag of books and a T-shirt.

Ayanda Duma – Gauteng

Winning this prize at this moment in time brings me great joy, knowing that reading can be a benefit in this pandemic we are facing.

Matheo Motlhagodi – Gauteng

Thank you so much FunDza for this amazing prize, I am so grateful!

Angelina Skitla – Freestate

FunDza books really means a lot me because I have learnt how to read different languages which makes it easier for me to communicate with other people. And, some of the stories really resonate with me I now have spell-check whenever I write long sentences. This competition meant a lot me because the money that I’ve won is going to help me with rent and add a little bit to my groceries as I am a student, today I’m happy that I went to register and got accepted so the money is going to help me a lot even with my stationery.

Thobile Sithebe – KwaZulu-Natal

I am very grateful to have won. I will buy my daughter school uniform.

Patricia Simon – Western Cape

Winning this specific competition means so much to me. It is my first time winning a competition which honestly feels amazing. I will be spending my money by firstly going for my learners then thereafter for my drivers license. With the remaining money I’ll use it on personal needs.

Nosipho Khowa – KwaZulu-Natal

I am so excited to have won this competition, thank you so much Team FunDza.

Keletso Makua – Limpopo

I would like to thank Percy for encouraging me to do what makes me happy. I look up to him as inspiration. I was not sure if the competition was a real thing, I kept on pinching myself to feel if I was still alive. Thank you so much FunDza for giving us the opportunity. I will use the money for registration fees.

Lesego komape – Mpumalanga

I feel extremely happy after winning the competition and I will spend the money by paying registration fees at university where I plan to further my studies.

Belinda Kashe-Ntwanambi – Eastern Cape

Winning means a lot to me as I am a parent of 3 children who is unemployed, you are really God sent. I am going to lay-bye my kids winter clothes, buy them food and save some in their bank accounts.

Philisiwe Madlala – KwaZulu-Natal

Winning this competition means a lot to me. When you called for the first time I was on a bus coming from looking for a job, I was retrenched on the 15 December 2017 since then I have not been receiving a salary. I am selling amagwinya vetkoek and chips for a living and I also have a small vegetable garden to survive on. I will add stock for my shop and buy more seeds for my garden. Thank you, FunDza Team.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered this exciting competition.