BonginkosiWhen we hear about how FunDza has inspired someone to pick up their proverbial pen, it really motivates us all in the office. Bonginkosi Malembe is someone who has credited FunDza for turning on his ‘writing light’.

He first came across FunDza when he googled ‘writers’ and ‘reading for free’ and came across FunDza (thank you, Google Adwords!). He started reading immediately and found he was hooked. Having previously tried his hand at writing, he couldn’t wait to submit work to us – check out his writer profile here.

Bonginkosi says he has shared the app with some of his friends and family, but finds most of the people around him don’t like reading or writing. (I tartly responded that he needed new friends!)

He loves to read and write poetry and short stories. In particular, he likes to write about how he sees the world around him and to write about his past experiences. He is inspired by the love of words and by “trying to let people know what I think or how I see things”.

We at FunDza are big fans of Bonginkosi. My personal favourite submissions of his is the poem “Celebrated Childhood”, read it here.