5857927d1de9cWhat is Zapper? To quote Zapper: It is a mobile app that makes payments simple and secure. When you find a Zapper QR Code, scan it with Zapper and confirm the amount to be paid. Your payment card details are stored on your phone using secure encryption.

You’d need to download the app from the app store suited for your phone and securely store your card details (you can store more than one card too!) and when it comes time to making a payment, you can select which card you wish to use. You can download the app for android, iOS or windows here.

Now that you have the nitty gritty, we are excited to announce we now have Zapper for donations! FunDza has it’s own unique QR code which users can scan and donate directly to FunDza. It’s also a handy tool to have at events, book launches, book sales and the like. Yes, you’d have to have the app on your phone – but most people seem to prefer not to carry cash and apps like Zapper are so freely available.

We will soon have it accessible from our “donate now” button on our site. Watch this space!

This is our QR code! It can be scanned off a computer screen, even through a photo of the code. Why not test it now (and make a donation to FunDza!)