Shelley Google AdWordsGreat news! FunDza is now registered with Google AdWords. Google is terrific. They aren’t the number one search engine (nor do they have the renowned funky, fun offices) for being mediocre in what they do. Google has gone beyond being a search engine, and even beyond Chrome and Gmail and now provide a variety of tools for business and education.


But getting FunDza registered for Google AdWords was no small achievement.  It was my first real task in my new role at FunDza, and when it didn’t go swimmingly, it took a lot of determination (and time!) to get there.


Applying for Google for Nonprofits is no small feat. In an effort to ensure no chancers benefit from the scheme, there are strict requirements for an organisation to become a beneficiary of Google Adwords, so as to be able to advertise for free.


There were a number of failed attempts. Mostly due to Google’s ‘intuition’ being slightly misguided. So, when we finally received the confirmation email, there were whoops of delight.


If you’re about to embark on a registration, be warned. Google sometimes ‘intuitively’ switches between your personal account and the professional one you’re trying to set up. This can be a nightmare!  (Tip: if you are already a Gmail user in your personal capacity, register with Google Business / Adwords in an incognito window, or better yet, a total different internet browser.)


Why use Google Adwords? It’s no secret that Google is the preferred search engine, and we wanted to have a visible presence on Google, specifically to grow the number of readers on – our ‘library on a cellphone’. It is important for the growth and sustainability of FunDza. We of course want to be found, we want to draw as many readers as possible to our mobi site, and we trust our development in Google Adwords will assist in this respect and we will be found by the right people, at the right time.


Try it out: search for a few key words such as ‘free online books’, ‘reading for free’ and you’ll see FunDza features on page 1! Thank you, Google!


Over the next couple of months we hope to refine our advertising to grow an even larger online readership. This year we’ve been reaching on average in excess of 60,000 unique readers a month. We’re proud of this achievement but know that this represents just a small number of potential readers in our country – those without easy access to books, but who do have a mobile phone in their hands.


Onwards and upwards for FunDza’s #ReadingRevolution!