calendarIcon1 September: Sonja Kruse represents FunDza and hosts a workshop at the Jozi Book Fair.

2 September: Sonja Kruse attends a WriteSmart writing club session in Mamelodi, Pretoria.

4 and 5 September: Dawn and Tamica represent FunDza in Laingsburg for National Book Week.

4 September: Ndibulele and Veronica represent FunDza in Polokwane for National Book Week.

5 September: Veronica goes to Upington for National Book Week, meeting with the various parties and representatives of the event.

5 September: Modaji Books brings FunDza our stash of A-Z of AmaZing South African Women book donations!

5 September: Sive represents FunDza at National Book Week in Port Elizabeth.

6 September: Veronica represents FunDza at Laerskool Kakamas and hosts a workshop, for National Book Week.

6 September: FunDza hosts 32 False Bay College students at the Open Book Festival, Cape Town.

6 September: Ndibulele introduces the FunDza mobi site to learners from Itsoseng, North West as part of National Book Week.

7 September: Dorothy chairs a panel at Open Book Festival on ‘young adult literature’.

8 September: Mignon accepts the UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy 2017 on behalf of FunDza at the UNESCO Headquarters on International Literacy Day.

8 September: Ndibulele concludes his tour of National Book Week, ending in Mofokeng (Mpumalanga) where he was witness to the new library being unveiled, and he got to represent FunDza to the community.

8 September: Ros Haden hosts a panel of FunDza mentored writers at the South African Book Fair in Johannesburg.

8 September: Zimkhitha chairs a discussion as part of Open Book Festival at Kuyasa Library.

9 September: Dianne Stewart represents FunDza at the Read to Learn teachers conference, interviewing both mentors and mentee writers on a panel.

15 September: Yoshi Nagasawa attends the Raspberry Pi Jam in Johannesburg, presents the fundza.lite project, and wins the Education and Community Development prize!

28 September: Mignon attends the eLearning Africa conference in Mauritius, presenting a paper on FunDza’s writing programme, entitled Celebrating Young Voices, and chairs another session on mobile learning solutions in Africa.