At FunDza, we love all people who love books and reading. And, we love the many organisations here in SA and further afield that promote reading. One of these is the Lubuto Library Project, which is building libraries in Zambia. These aren’t just any libraries, they’re libraries with huge hearts, that welcome in the community and inspire others to read and read and read.

While I was attending the two conferences in Washington DC, I was  invited to celebrate Lubuto Library Partners 10th anniversary by their founder Jane Myers, with whom I had made contact on an earlier visit. Lubuto has built three libraries in Zambia, with more on the way.

How serendipitous! What a beautiful celebratory event it was!

I loved the photo gallery of the children who have found a home in the libraries, each testifying to the difference that being a part of Lubuto Libraries has made in their lives.

Lubuto 1 Lubuto 2 Lubuto 3










Lubuto Library Parters offers hope and new opportunities. As one young man had written: “I am from the street. I have come here to learn how to read. I stopped school when I was very young.”

It allows young people to share their love of reading, with one girl saying, “I write down stories at the library and later read them to my little sister at home.”

And, it opens up new worlds. One young reader spoke about how he was making art using the computers while another said he’d come to find out about the planets.”

Reading books can change lives. Lubuto Library Partners’ initiative is opening up the opportunity for young people in Zambia to do just that.

Lubuto 4 Lubuto 5 Lubuto 6










And, there was Thomas Mukonde, who demonstrated a little electronic device that is able to read certain books to the children – sometimes in their own language too.

There was a model of how the libraries are laid out (see picture above). I loved how the libraries are designed to encourage talking, learning, exploring and sharing. And, their numbers are impressive too – each year they reach more than 30,000 visitors.

I’m a big fan of Lubuto Library Partners. Click here to find out more and become a fan too!