Our Public Participation

FunDza staff are regularly invited to speak at conferences, festivals, interviews and other events in South Africa and around the world. We are proud to have presented at the following.

Dorothy Dyer, World Literacy Summit, Oxford, UK, “Introducing FunDza’s Methodology and Work”, March 2018

Mignon Hardie, AfricaCom, Cape Town, Panel discussion “Facilitating Education Around Being Newly Connected”, November 2017
Dorothy Dyer, RASA Conference, Pretoria, “Not only English: FuNDza’s achievements and challenges in publishing stories in local languages”, October 2017
Mignon Hardie, eLearning Africa, Mauritius, “Celebrating youth voices”, September 2017
Mignon Hardie, Impumulelo Awards Adjudication Event, Cape Town, SA, “Reading changes lives”, August 2017
Mignon Hardie, Next Library Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, “Reading with FunDza Changes Lives”, June 2017
Mignon Hardie, UNESCO/UNHCR Mobile Learning Week, Paris, France, “Fiction for social change”, March 2017
Dorothy Dyer, WCED After School Symposium, Cape Town, SA, “Strategies to motivate young people to read”, February 2017

Mignon Hardie, Online Educa Berlin, Berlin, Germany, “Owning Learning in Africa: A FunDza Case Study”, December 2016
Dorothy Dyer, RASA Conference Pietermaritzburg, “Getting teens reading: What we’ve learned”, September 2016
Dorothy Dyer, LIASA/SLYSIG, Bloemfontein, “FunDza’s reading revolution using books and cellphones”, June 2016
Mignon Hardie, eLearning Africa, Cairo, Egypt, “What FunDza’s Learnt”, May 2016
Mignon Hardie, Franschhoek Literary Festival, Franschhoek, SA, “Getting South Africans excited about reading” (panel discussion), May 2016
Mignon Hardie, DToE Conference, Somerset West, SA, “Connect – Learn – Share”, April 2016

Mignon Hardie, for Wikipedia event hosted at Goethe-Institut, Johannesburg, “Building Communities”, December 2015
Mignon Hardie, USAID Global Education Summit, Washington DC, USA, “FunDza’s mobi network”, October 2015
Mignon Hardie, M-Education Alliance Symposium, Washington DC, USA, “FunDza’s mobi network”, October 2015
Dorothy Dyer, RASA Conference, KZN, SA, “Deepening Reading Practice with mobile phones”, September 2015
Dorothy Dyer, LIASA Conference, Durban, SA, “Literacy Development and the use of ICT to develop literacy”, September 2015
Mignon Hardie, Inyathelo Advancement Academy, Cape Town, SA, “Effective Relationship Management”, September 2015
Dorothy Dyer, Businesswoman’s Association, Durban, SA, “Reading changes lives”, August 2015
Ros Haden, IFLA Conference, Cape Town, SA, “Getting teens hooked on books”, August 2015
Mignon Hardie, Goethe-Institut African Publishers Workshop, Johannesburg, SA, “Understanding the market” and “Disruptive or innovative models”, July 2015
Mignon Hardie, Education Innovations Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, “Improving literacy skills with technology”, June 2015
Mignon Hardie, eLearning Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, “Building an online reading curriculum”, May 2015
Mignon Hardie, Digital Participation Seminar, Cape Town, SA, “Growing a literate nation”, April 2015
Mignon Hardie, Mobile Apps in Education Conference, Pretoria, SA, “Mobiles for Development: Read, Learn, Share”, April 2015
Mignon Hardie, SABDC Digital Summit, Pretoria, SA, “Introducing FunDza’s mobi network”, March 2015
Mignon Hardie, UNESCO/UN Women Mobile Learning Week, “Gender differences and reading on fundza.mobi”, February 2015

Dorothy Dyer, RASA Conference, Grahamstown, SA, “The Extended Reading for Pleasure Programme at Harry Gwala SS”, September 2014
Ros Haden, RASA Conference, Grahamstown, SA, “FunDza’s Rights story project”, September 2014
Phoebe Sibomana and Zimkhitha Mlanzeli, World Design Capital Pitch event, Khayelitsha, SA, “FunDza and mobile reading”, August 2014
Mignon Hardie and Dorothy Dyer, Harare International Book Fair, “Introducing FunDza”, July 2014
Nicci Giles, Inyathelo Peer Learning, Cape Town, SA, “Lessons from a start up”, May 2014
Mignon Hardie, Franschhoek Literary Festival, SA, “Books outside the box” (panel discussion) and “Market Challenges” (panel discussion), May 2014
Mignon Hardie, eLearning Africa, Kampala, Uganda, “Cellphone Stories – The Future of Fiction”, May 2014
Mignon Hardie, Digital Literature Congress, Berlin, Germany, “Mobile phones – democratising reading and writing in South Africa”, March 2014
Dorothy Dyer, Talking Heads Africa, Cape Town, SA, “Introducing FunDza”, March 2014

Mignon Hardie, University of Stellenbosch Business School Coffee Shoptalk, Stellenbosch, SA, “The (he)ART and SCIENCE of doing good”, December 2013
Dorothy Dyer, ISASA Conference, “The importance of reading for pleasure”, November 2013
Dorothy Dyer, RASA Conference, Gauteng, SA, “Uniting to solve the literacy challenges in Africa”, October 2013
Mignon Hardie, M-Education Alliance Symposium, Washington DC, USA, “FunDza’s future technology plans”, October 2013
Dorothy Dyer, LIASA Pre-Conference Workshop, Cape Town, SA, “The importance of reading for pleasure”, October 2013
Nicci Giles, The Funding Network Pitch Event, Cape Town, SA, “Reading innovations”, October 2013
Dorothy Dyer, EMASA Conference, Bloemfontein, SA, “The FunDza Story”, August 2013
Mignon Hardie, Pan-African Reading for All Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, “Leveraging Mobile Technology to Grow Communities of Readers”, August 2013
Dorothy Dyer, WordFest, Grahamstown, SA, “Online multilingual reading and writing programme for reading and writing for young South Africans using cellphones”, July 2013
Nicci Giles, CSI Matters Conference, Gauteng, SA, “Platforms for engaging the youth” (panel discussion), May 2013
Mignon Hardie, eLearning Africa, Windhoek, Namibia, “The Power of Mobile Technology to overcome barriers to Reading and Showcase Creative Writing”, May 2013
Dorothy Dyer, Innovative Teachers Institute, “Working towards social justice”, April 2013
Mignon Hardie, ISASA Conference, Cape Town, SA, “Exploring words and worlds on FunDza’s mobi library”, March 2013

Mignon Hardie, e-Skills Colloquium, “e-Solutions – overcoming barriers to reading and learning”, November 2012
Mignon Hardie, National Schools Partnership, “Reading for pleasure – a campaign”, November 2012
Mignon Hardie, Tablets, techies and teaching miracles, Cape Town, SA, “Sparking a reading revolution”, October 2012
Mignon Hardie, Cape Town Book Fair, Cape Town, SA, “How to grow a culture of reading” (panel discussion), June 2012
Mignon Hardie and Dorothy Dyer, Franschhoek Literary Festival, Franschhoek, SA, “Exploring new ways of reading” (panel discussion), May 2012
Mignon Hardie, Franschhoek Literary Festival, Franschhoek, SA, “Cellphone fiction: MXit with M4Lit” (panel discussion), May 2012
Dorothy Dyer, RASA Conference, Port Elizabeth, SA, “What gets teens reading”, March 2013

Mignon Hardie, Kids and Teens Conference, Johannesburg, SA, “Building a community of young readers”, December 2011


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