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It’s always great to see what stories, books, essays, poems and plays have made our readers heart sing or touched a nerve. We decided to analyse all the content read on fundza.mobi to find out what content was most popular in 2017. Unsurprisingly, romance as a genre featured strongly as did many of our heart-wrenching true – or at least true-to-life – stories. What is without a doubt, the figures show that a lot of reading took place, which is great news for us.

Here’s our top list for 2017 – divided into professional content and Fanz content (the content submitted by our young Fanz writers). Take a look… and click on the links enjoy the reads too!

Professional content on fundza.mobi

The professional content includes the weekly story, as well as other any content that has been commissioned or created by the FunDza team.

Full-length fiction books

After the tears
Two-faced friends
Now following you
Broken Promises
Blood ties

Full-length non-fiction books

My first time
I am the girl who was raped
Amagama Enkululeko
Nobody will ever kill me
The Ubuntu Girl

Fiction short stories

A bitter girl
The nearly perfect guy
Lying for love (abridged)
Love is patient, love is kind

Non-fiction articles or profiles

Reading can change your life
Goodness Zulu – Out of the goodness of heart
Brian Ngobese – Young Photographer keeps focus
My past is my past
Phiona – Chess Champion

Children’s stories

Tselane le dimo
My fish no my fish
Stranger Danger
Ape and crocodile
Mandy’s missing money

Advice/Resource books

Tips for Writers
A guide to pregnancy


Romeo and Juliet

Fanz content on fundza.mobi

These are the stories, essays, poems and plays written by young Fanz writers and edited by our FunDza team.

Fanz Stories

UThando kalunamkhawulo
Live Love Laugh
The heartbreak
The Untouchable
The cheating boyfriend

Fanz Essays

A day I’ll never forget
iThemba Lami Lafiphala
The glitz and the glamour
iSono Somuntu Okholwayo
A story my grandmother told me

Fanz Plays

The Village Girl
Black Roses
The Morass
Revenge on my stepfather

Fanz Poetry

My departure
Love can be an issue
I love you but I can’t
Forget me not
I love you